Saturday, December 7, 2013

November Technique - Masking

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In November, we used the masking technique in class and had a lot of fun, combining this technique with Christmas!  The masking technique provides many more opportunities for a little bit of a different look and the for the illusion of more dimension in your stamping!

Simply stamp the image you want in front first.  Next, stamp the same image on a Post-It Note, making sure that some of the image is on the sticky part of the paper.  Then, Cut image carefully from the Post-It Note with your scissors, cutting slightly inside the lines.  This will be your mask.

Now, layer your mask over the original stamped image.  Then, stamp the next image to appear as a background, over your mask (post-it).  Finally, remove the mask to see the layered, interacting images. 

Isn’t that so cute!  So many things you can do with your stamping to add more fun, beauty & excitement!  So, go try it and have some fun too!

Sharing stamp at a time! 

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